Cebu, City Tour

Cebu has always been one of the gems of the Philippines. It is located in the Visayan island where naturally gorgeous beaches can be found. The locals are as friendly, nice and beautiful as the island.

It’s my second time to visit Cebu but it’s my first time to see and enjoy other places apart from the shopping malls. I listed here some of the beautiful places I visited which you may find interesting too.

1. Basilica Minore del Sto. Niňo

img_20180617_0927282034055559171986453.jpgThe church was founded in 1565 and has undergone through some renovations in the past years. This area in front of the church was built to accommodate the growing number of devotees when celebrating the holy mass or other religious festivities.

2. 10,000 Roses

img_20180616_194520989105252809082037.jpgThe entrance fee to 10,000 Roses is P20 per head. These white roses are artificially LED-powered which incredibly glow during night time. This is just a few steps away from Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Cordova.


3. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu

img_20180616_2045473194193329397935897.jpgThe restaurant opens at 10AM-11PM from Monday to Sunday. We had shrimp and pork kare-kare but the tropical drink completed our sumptuous dinner.

4. Sirao Pictorial Garden (Little Amsterdam)

img_20180617_1112569181952466553725335.jpgThe entrance fee is P50 per head to get in the place and enjoy the beautiful flowers around. Both locals and foreigners are attracted to the peaceful ambiance reflected by the myriad of colors in the garden.

img_20180617_1138535690228733382266808.jpgThe daisies were in full bloom when we visited the garden along with the red roses.


5. Top of Cebu Restaurant in Busay, Cebu

img_20180617_1246347101072591388035411.jpgMy sister and I loved everything on our table. They’re served hot, fresh and delicious. The prices are considerably affordable based on servings. It is a must try experience when travelling to Cebu, City because it will certainly elevate your dining experience.

img_20180617_1212171880751218909400237.jpgNo wonder, many locals and tourists come to eat here while enjoying the overlooking view of the city.


6. Temple of Leah

img_20180617_1314331812101862229361237.jpgThe temple was built to show an undying love of a husband to his wife. Click this link to know more about the history of the temple.

img_20180617_1331181195979001047075550.jpgJust doing an awkward pose behind the golden angel blowing the horn.

img_20180617_1333567480748191073671281.jpgThe overlooking view of the city from the left wing of the temple.

img_20180617_1318324866989935931022814.jpgThe construction of the temple is still ongoing but it never failed to make me feel the Greek mythology vibe.

7. Oslob Whale Watching Sanctuary

e7f288a7776f5ae5693a7f82c49d992e4435678451372072648.jpgThe experience of being one with the gentle giants in the water is ecstatic. Something that will linger in the memory for a long time. Aside from snorkeling, diving is also available for the braver tourists.

85f21c9b6a45c7a5dea3fad12540cc4a9207434033997669746.jpg“I was trying to conquer the fear of being swallowed alive by this amazing creature.”

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