Whale Shark Encounter in Oslob, Cebu

In the past 2 days we were in Cebu, it was super fun and full adventures. We used motorbike or habal-habal to travel fast from one destination to another. I was so excited to see the whale sharks swimming in the water with me!

We arrived in Cebu South Bus Terminal around 6AM and the bus left not long after. Sunrays and Ceres buses are bound to Oslob. The earliest trip to Oslob is 1AM and the travel time is approximately 3 hrs.


The bus dropped us off at one of the resorts for registration. The local tourist fee for whale shark watching is P300 but there is an additional P200 for swimming and snorkeling with the whale sharks. For foreigners, the fee is a bit higher, P500 for whale shark watching and another P500 if they prefer to snorkel and swim with the gentle giants.


After registration, we were given a key to a locker where we can keep our personal belongings. Next, we had to change to swim wear outfits. We were not allowed to use a sunblock lotion or spray because it will cause harm to the whale sharks. Then, we were transported to the orientation area and where the boats are.

We were about 10 tourists in the boat. The boat was manually steered by two local fishermen going to the spot where the whale sharks show up. We were not allowed to touch the giants because they need to remain protected.


When the first whale shark showed up in front of us, everyone jumped in the water and wanted to be near it. The second whale shark followed and we were so amazed by the sizes of them.


Look! In the water, these gentle giants look magical and incredible! They are so beautiful and breathtaking. The little fishes of vibrant colors swimming with them are unbelievably astonishing!


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