Subic White Beach in Sorsogon

Sorsogon, Bicol is the southernmost province in Luzon and is facing the island of Samar to the southeast and Ticao island to the southwest. This beautiful piece of the region has never run out of exciting places to visit during summer. Beaches is one of them. Black, pink and white sand beaches; they are all here!

I do not like crowded beaches. It steals away my attention and reason for relaxation. Subic Beach in Sorsogon is worth the backbreaking trip. The place is perfect with its peaceful and calm ambiance. It’s just so refreshing to lay down on the sand, listen to the crashing of the waves and breath the fresh sea air. The sand is pinkish white and looks magnificent stretch of beauty from afar. The water is crystal clear and couldn’t say no for a dip.

If you’re interested to see and experience the place, here’s a simple guide to follow. If you are coming from the airport, ride a tricycle to Legazpi City terminal and look for vans bound for Sorgoson. The fare is approximately P50-P60 for the ride.

The fare to Sorsogon City is P120 per passenger and the travel would take 1-2 hrs. dependent on traffic if there’s any. Traffic in the province is light and incomparable to the traffic situations in Manila.

You will get off at Sorsogon City, in front of Chowking food chain which is across the jeepney terminal going to Matnog Sorsogon. There is a specific time when the jeepney leaves, so you might need to wait for about 30 minutes before it leaves. The fare to Matnog is P90 per passenger and travel time is 1-2 hrs. There are parts where there is no 3G or 4G connection. The place is somewhat remote so, settle your expectation to intermittent connection.

Subic beach is an island. You will need to rent a boat to go the beach. The day tour boat rental is P1600 and this includes the island hopping to Fish sanctuary and Tikling Island.

Overnight boat rental fee is P2000. Before heading to the island, ensure that you have all the basic needs like food, water, flashlight and of course your tent. There is no hotel or restaurant in the island. There is a donation amount being asked when you get to the beach. We gave them just P100 good for us (3) as local tourists.

I really think that the sunrise and sunset at the beach are the best! We did not get to see the sunset because we were trying to catch the last trip to the city. But, we enjoyed every bit of the stay in Subic beach. I just loved the feeling of being around nature.

Additional travel tip: If you want to have a hassle free travel to the island, you may book the boat service in advance by contacting Sir Larry. He’s a very kind and generous boatman we met in Matnog. His number is +63 909 626 5675.

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