Seoul Tower’s Locks of Love

Namsan Tower has a breathtaking, panoramic view of the city around it. Accordingly, it was the first tower-type tourism spot in Korea. Entrance is free.

Heading to Namsan Tower was a little challenge for me. I decided to take subway train to get to the tower. I stayed in a guesthouse that’s a few blocks from Hongik University subway station. It’s the nearest station from where I checked in.

Reading and understanding subway maps is too difficult for me. It reflected when I got on the wrong platform and traveled the opposite direction to my destination. Then, I had to start again.

If you’re new in Seoul, I would recommend two convenient ways to get to Namsan Seoul Tower. One, is to take a taxi which approximately would cost 10,000-15000 won or fare may vary dependent on how far you are from the place. Second, is through subway trains. It would only cost 1,350 won for the ride. The travel time does not have much of a difference. Just grab a map whichever station you will be originating from because it helps a lot!

I got off at City Hall subway station then, asked directions where Myeong-dong is before heading to Namsan Seoul Tower. If you’re looking for beauty products, cosmetics, bags and all types of nice fashionable clothing, Myeong-dong is the perfect place to do shopping! The streets are colorful and full of life.


From Myeong-dong, it’s about 10-15 minutes walk to the foot of the mountain. There are two options to go up and down the tower, by walking or riding a cable car.

Travelers climb to experience the majestic view from the famous Namsan Seoul tower. Lovers treat it as a privilege to express their love and commitment for their partners. The padlocks usually have special short messages as a pledge of love before locking it in the steel bar or tree. Some locals made it a weekend routine to climb the tower to burn some fats accumulated during weekdays.

When you go to the tower, it is really not necessary to be with someone special to enjoy the place but it definitely would be romantic to be holding hands with the one you love while climbing 1.6 km of stairs to the tower. Yeah, I know it’s romantic.(haha)

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