Where To Go in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap, Cambodia

It is practical for travelers coming to Vietnam to do a side trip to Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia. A lot of tourists are interested with what the country can offer to them when it comes to tourist destinations within and outside the city.

We traveled to Phnom Penh from Ho Chi Min city through Long Phoung Cambodia bus. The travel time is 6 hours for a ticket price of $13. You can have the bus ticket booked via travel agency or from the guesthouse you stayed in. They can help you with bookings because most hotels and guest houses are linked to tours and other transportation companies.

Just like any other tropical countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia has also a warm weather. It is best to wear cottony thin clothes to keep yourself away from unwanted heat stroke. Water is also one of the things you may never want to forget before going on a tour.

Here are a few destinations you may find interesting within Phnom Penh city.

  • The Royal Palace of Cambodia. This is where the Royal family lives. From the gate you will have a view of the beautiful pyramidal structures on the top of each building. There is $10 ticket fee to have a tour inside the palace. You may book the tour arrangements through a travel agency to make it a seamless experience.
  • The Genocide Museum. This is also known as Security Prison (S-21). Inside the museum, you get to feel the horror and haunting images of prisoners who were tortured and killed. The prison compound was preserved and these include the prison bars & wires, death beds & chairs and the rest of the machines and tools used at that time. There were portraits of children, wives and men who were put in to prison and later killed. It was believed that out of 14,000 people who have entered S-21 only 7 survived. It was a privilege to have known and met one of the survivors Chum Mey, who at that time was selling his book entitled “Survivor”. He showed us his missing finger as a result of his resistance to admit something he did not do. He suffered from all kinds of tortures, he added.

Never miss the tourist attractions in Siem Reap province. Just add another 5-7 hours of travel from Phnom Penh. Siem Reap is more interesting and lively. Here are some destinations you may find fascinating in the province.

  • Angkor Wat Temples. Best to start the tour very early in the morning for the sun rise experience. The ticket to get an access to any temple you like to visit is $20. It is practical and less expensive to book a tour through a travel agency.
  • Mechrey & Vietnamese Floating Village. It is just amazing to see the locals do everything while floating in the river. The community has all the basic needs like school, police post and market in the village too. In one of the stopovers, there’s a small improvised crocodile farm. The tour costs $20.
  • Flooded Mangrove Forest. September month is when the mangrove forest gets flooded and would need to ride a boat to enjoy the inner part of the forest. The tour costs $20.
  • Night Market. This is famous to tourists and travelers because you can almost buy anything in the market for a reasonable price. Do not forget to haggle with prices as you might still lower the price using a little bit of charm.
  • Pub Street. This is the happiest street in Siem Reap. You get to choose from all types of restaurants and bars. There is a loud, lively music in all corners. You will not resist the dance floor calling.


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