Echo Valley Sagada

Sagada is one of the most elevated lands in Mountain province within Cordillera. It is a 6 hour full of adventure commute from Baguio City. Traversing from narrow slopes to cliff mountainsides is the only way to get to the cold,sweet place of Sagada.
From Baguio,the earliest time  buses leave to Sagada is 6 AM and arrives approximately at 12 PM. The entire trip has 2 stopovers so everyone can eat or freshen up a bit while traveling. Going by an ordinary bus, you won’t notice much difference from an air-conditioned buses. It’s cold when you start traveling and colder when you reach high altitudes along the way. It’s literally mountains with roads built on it bridging one from another. The views and scenery around makes the ride undoubtedly more joyful.
We planned to see the Echo Valley. As soon as we arrived, we had a registration at the Tourism office and booked for a tour guide the following morning. There were restaurants and coffee houses around so we tried most of them. In January, it’s still pretty cold. The lowest temperature is at 11 degrees Celsius. I so love the weather! It’s a valid license to eat more and drink a lot of coffee. The vegetables and fruits being served were really fresh and clean.
Going to the Echo Valley to see the hanging coffins was already a knee challenge. We also had a bonus story or historical background of burying ceremonies from our tour guide. Accordingly, as part of the tradition of the inhabitants, when a family member dies, they don’t do embalming of the body. The body is preserved and kept seated on a chair during the entire duration of the wake. Traditionally, family members kill boars as offerings to Gods or spirits until the day they will bring the body to its resting place. The body will be laid  in a fetal position so it would appear shorter than its actual height before hanging on the side of the mountain. They hang the death chair too. Not all are qualified to these rites but those who have been married and had grandchildren can be buried this way.

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