Travel Sale Fair in Manila

I think, everybody is thrilled to hear about sale and discounts. Who doesn’t want to get more by paying less? Travel enthusiasts and wanderers should try attending a travel fair.

We arrived at the Philippines’ World Trade Center in the afternoon. We paid P100 for the registration and entrance fee. There were long lines everywhere, starting with the registration booth, lines for those who wanted to withdraw money from the ATMs, line at the photo booth and for the travel bidding. Entering the venue, it exuded so much excitement and busyness. Looking around, everyone has his own itinerary. Trying to resolve inquiries on travel bookings, hotel reservations and adventure trips. There are a lot of booths for travel agencies that offer different kinds of services like booking domestic and international flights, visa processing, tours and other related travel packages. A few number of booths were also selling travel accessories, travel gears, traveling bags and luggage. And wait! Do not forget the discounts went as much as 80% less the original price.

It was the first time I attended a travel fair and I felt overwhelmed with the discounts that each travel booth offers. I discovered new travel destinations within the country. I also got acquainted with the new airline companies that started to service different tourist destinations in the Philippines. I noticed the participation of Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific Airlines, Air Asia, AirSwift and SkyJet Airlines.

In the venue, you get to feel how vibrant the people are, trying to get the most from their budgets. There was no haggling definitely because they had fixed discount prices but when you get to have a nice chat with your travel agent you might still get a little more deductions. We had it! It’s an absolute delight.

Trying to get some leaflets and brochures from different booths made me think that there’s still so much to explore. Still so many stories to write and tell. Different faces, different places and different experiences. Every place has something very unique to offer.

I can now feel a slight adrenaline rushing through my veins by just thinking of the tour we booked in the travel fair. I will be traveling with a good friend who appreciates anything new to her eyes and I like it. I am sure we’ll enjoy and get a new kind of adventure there.

Traveling makes me humble, have some fun and grateful.


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