Captivating Malaysia

Salaam-Alaikum”, “selamat pagi” are the first words I learned when I first landed in Malaysia. The country is divided into two parts, East and West Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu & Kuala Lumpur). Majority of the people living in Malaysia are Muslims. However, there are Indian, Chinese temples and Catholic churches existing in the country. Ringgit is the currency of Malaysian money. The travel time to KL is approximately 3 hours & 45 minutes from the Philippines by plane and lands in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. KLIA2 is the airport for low cost airlines.

Petronas’ eighty-eight story Twin Tower located at the City center is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur. It can be reached via train or cab. It is most attractive at night when the lights are on. At the ground floor of the tower is a shopping center comprised of famous local and international brands. You may check out their food courts where you can have variety of options. You’ll have to buy a card and top it up so you can choose any type of food available. I bet you’ll never go hungry if you just roam around the place. Just located near KLCC is the Central market established since 1888. This is a hub for jewelry shops, textiles, chocolate stores, perfumes, accessories, local & foreign clothing brands, shoes, antique stores, money changers, some restaurants and etc.

If you’re looking for some mild adventure then, I suggest you head to Batu Caves. Riding a train from KL Sentral to Batu Caves is the most economical way. Never lose the reason why you’re traveling. Talk to the locals or the security personnel and ask which way you should go to reach Batu Cave. Wait for the Komuter Train on platform 3 and remember that Batu Cave is the 8th station from KL Sentral. You may also check Uber as an option to reach Batu Cave. I had a tour to the Dark Cave for 35 RM but there wasn’t much extraordinary to see there – just the feel of the adrenalin rush from the total darkness inside. Climbing the steep 272 stairs to reach the Temple and Dark Caves is a real challenge. There are friendly and naughty monkeys all over the place. Be attentive around monkeys because they could just grab stuff from you, including food. Avoid feeding them.  There are stalls and local restaurants in the area. Not far from the fountain is a tent where a lady tattoo artist offers hand temporary tattoo. I tried it! She’s artful and exceptional!

There is so much more to explore in Malaysia and I am so thrilled to try them once I get the chance to go back in the future.


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