From Philippines to Bangkok Scenes

Filipino travelers! Isn’t it everyone’s dream to travel? Reality is, traveling means spending. But, it will make your sense of existence more meaningful and fulfilling.

I will share you some tips on how to maximize the worth of your money for traveling abroad. I have been traveling to Bangkok since 2014 as a solo backpacker. I normally book the flights at least 3 months in advance prior to travel date. Try to check for lower fares through, or Philippine airlines website. The airline options depend on which country you’re traveling from. The red eye or evening flights that will get you to the destination at 1 AM have the cheapest fares. If you’re lucky and was able to see a morning flight for a cheaper rate, go for it! Travel time is less than 4 hours. There is a time difference of 1 hour between Philippines and Thailand. Make sure that the passport is not expiring in less than 6 months from the date of your return just to make sure that you will not be refused entry at the immigration counter. Ready your travel tax of P1600 to be paid at the airport.

If you are traveling to Bangkok, there is no need for you to book in a fancy hotel. There are plenty of guesthouses at Khao San road. From the airport, you may take a taxi or train then ride a tuktuk going to Khao San road. Some tuktuk drivers are taking advantage especially for first timers and will give you high rates so try to haggle with fares or better take a cab. Along the streets are guesthouses, ask for their rates and decide where to stay. Room rates start at 200 baht. Of course, you decide whether the room is air conditioned or just with an electric fan. Decide with the budget you have. Once settled, if you plan to go to tourist destinations in Bangkok and its nearby provinces, I recommend you to book through a travel agency that sells tour packages for a good rate. Travel agencies are scattered in Khao San road so you got a handful of choices. Based on experience, they are substantially cheaper. On top of it, you will be traveling with a group of travelers all over the world. You get to gain new friends and acquaintances just in a day. At night, the place is so lively because there are restaurants and bars almost in every corner. There are battles of music in most neighboring bars.

Thai food is awesome! I just got so addicted with the spices on their food. Pad Thai is my first love. Their vegetable cuisines are so enticing and I cannot resist them. Lastly, be ready with your English and some sign languages you know. Just like with any other country, not all Thais speak or understand English so be patient and research a little bit. Go to their famous shopping malls and night market destinations. Shop, bring home some souvenirs, talk to the locals, make friends and create some unforgettable memories. If you run out of baht, there are money changers in almost every other few meters so you do not have to fret. Have fun and enjoy the trip!


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